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    Hello all,

    Welcome to Havoc Global. We are a Minecraft network managed by Havoc Gaming.

    Havoc Gaming is an ever growing new e-sports gaming community, bringing players together to form a close-knit community. Focusing on the principle of helping young individuals thrive.

    Focusing on this principle, Havoc Gaming has decided to venture into the Minecraft Community; an every growing community game. Releasing in multiple phases, eventually Havoc Global will endeavour to become a large scale network focusing on bringing players together.

    So, you may ask, what is Havoc Global?

    As mentioned above, Havoc Global is an offspring of Havoc Gaming. We will eventually be comprised of multiple servers thus creating a complex network (tailored for all). We will be releasing with a "Prison" server. A classic Minecraft gamemode, one enjoyed by players far and wide.

    What makes us unique?

    Good question, this industry is a heavily saturated one. We want to ensure what we offer suffices the era and need of the industry. Therefore, we will be bringing in unique concepts and ideas to ensure the server fulfils its potential. These unique ideas will be kept on the low until release. Needless to say, we might release small sneak peaks for players - enticing you all to join on release.

    Do not fear! On release, we will offer only be the best.

    The prison gametype will not be of the "OP" kind, we believe players play on server for a long run and are not looking for a one time experience. When you play on OP-Prison servers you are likely to reach the top ranks in a matter of hours. We do not believe in this and want players to progress gradually and work through our server. We will be offering A-Z ranks followed by 10 Prestige ranks (this will be reviewed under phase 2 release as to whether we need more prestige ranks). F

    Followed by the rank progression we will be offering 5 premium ranks - we are still working out exact details of these. However, I am happy to be able to release the names of these 5 ranks in the order they will be in:
    1) Convict
    2) Miner
    3) Guard
    4) Warden
    5) God

    Now, to address an issue some of you may be pondering.

    What happened to YellowNetwork?

    Some of you may be already members of this forum, this is from my previous network; know as YellowNetwork. YellowNetwork was a network (which I, myself owned) and was a small success. However, with personal commitments I was no longer able to fulfil its needs and so shut it down. The resources from that network were custom made and tailored and so we decided to bring numerous ones with us; such as the website. You will see that the website has been re-tailored to our new needs!

    A little bit about myself

    Hi, I am YellowDev.

    I have played Minecraft since the early stages and have enjoyed watching it grow. I have worked and run multiple servers over my tenure. I am now in the position where I can set servers up and maintain them. I am not apart of the overall franchise Havoc Gaming and was brought in specifically to manage the Minecraft side of the company. Please feel free to contact me with all questions, I will be more than happy to help out in any way I can.

    Release Date

    We plan to be ready for a beta release in the coming weeks, from there depending on if and how many bugs are found will determine our public release. Please bear with us, we will make it worth your time!

    Staff Team

    Owner - YellowDev
    Owner - BsShields
    Developer - NameAidan

    Staff Roles

    Owner - Manages and runs the network.
    Developer - Creates new features, whether being on the server, website or discord.
    Administrator - Is there as a experience member, able to manage any situation.
    Moderator - Moderates chat and is able to come and help players, also has the power to ban players if needed.
    Helper - A general community helper, someone who understand the community, has permission to mute and kick if needed.
    Builder - Someone who helps produce the wonderful builds and art on our network.


    We will be running a giveaway to all those who are both signed in on the discord server (and reacted to our giveaway message) and signed up on the forums. The prize will be our first premium rank - Convict.
    We will randomly pick the winner in the coming weeks when enough people have entered.


    I would like to say a massive thank you to our team working hard on the server and a huge thank you to Whitei520 for redesigning our website, I am sure you will be regularly doing tasks for us.


    Thanks for reading!
    Havoc Global Owner​
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  2. how to join?
  3. Keep Up The Good Work
  4. This is a minecraft server you can join with putting the ip in Direct Connect play.havocglobal.com and you need to have Minecraft on java from the version 1.8.x to 1.15.x

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