Hello all,

Welcome to Havoc Global. We are a Minecraft network managed by Havoc Gaming.

Havoc Gaming is an ever growing new e-sports gaming community, bringing players together to form a close-knit community. Focusing on the principle of helping young individuals thrive.

Focusing on this principle, Havoc Gaming has decided to venture into the Minecraft Community; an every growing community game. Releasing in multiple phases, eventually Havoc Global will endeavour to become a large scale network focusing on bringing players together.

So, you may ask, what is Havoc Global?

As mentioned above, Havoc Global is an offspring of Havoc Gaming. We will eventually be comprised of multiple servers thus creating a complex network (tailored for all). We will be releasing with a "Prison" server. A classic Minecraft gamemode, one enjoyed by players far and wide.

What makes us unique?

Good question, this industry is a heavily saturated one. We want to ensure what we offer suffices the era and need of the industry. Therefore, we will be bringing in unique concepts and ideas to ensure the server fulfils its potential. These unique ideas will be kept on the low until release. Needless to say, we might release small sneak peaks for players - enticing you all to join on release.

Do not fear! On release, we will offer only be the best.

The prison gametype will not be of the "OP" kind, we believe players play on server for a long run and are not looking for a one time experience. When you play on OP-Prison servers you are likely to reach the top ranks in a matter of hours. We do not believe in...​